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NAC Animation Institute Pvt. Ltd.

NAC Animation Institute Pvt. Ltd NAC Animation Institute Pvt. Ltd

Accepting every challenge with contribution of all innovative ideas and to create a better tomorrow started an institute called NAC (Nashik Art City). NAC was started in 2011 by the CEO Mr. Dipak Pund who has 14+ year experience in the field of Animation. Both beginners and professionals can find the perfect solution for creating, designing, achieving, and proving oneself.

NAC is working for students since last 9+ years and is building the artistic students. We develop content and create state of the art visual imagery for full-length feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live action and hybrid films, short-form media, and special venue attractions.

We work in collaboration with major Hollywood Studios and Independent Production Companies throughout the world. Our creative skills range from visual and story development to final post, including complete CG and Stereoscopic Animation and Image Creation. NAC is entertainment company where talented individuals come together to bring extraordinary extraordinary entertainment to our Clients, Students and Audience.

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